Rockwell Art Studios Launches Mural Camp

Rockwell Art Studios today announced the launch of Mural Camp 2012, a new outdoor arts event coming to Seattle’s Lower Queen Anne neighborhood this summer. Adults and students will have the unique opportunity to learn by doing: painting a beautiful music-inspired mural on an 80-foot wall at the Silver Platters flagship store on Fifth and Roy.
Image result for Rockwell Art StudiosThis is a special opportunity to work side-by-side with professional mural painters, and will be a great experience for anyone who’s feeling artistic or who wants to do something new and adventurous. Everyone is invited to get their hands in the paint while learning large-scale painting skills such as layout, pouncing, scaling, inking, rigging, color mixing, oiling, creating a pallet, cutting, filling, blending and more. Participants should be age 15 and up, and need no previous experience or skills to enjoy the event.

The event’s founder, Don Rockwell, has been painting outdoor signs and murals since the 1970’s and has often been approached while on the job by people who notice his beautiful artwork and ask questions about his technique and career. Rockwell feels it’s time to share his craft and encourage everyone to learn more about it.

“Many people tell me how much they admire seeing it done, and how it makes them feel like they’re living in Paris when they see an artist on the street,” says Rockwell. “But sometimes I hear questions like, ‘Do you need an apprentice?’ and ‘Why didn’t they teach us that in art school?’ Essentially, it was these conversations that inspired us to develop this event.”

Rockwell will provide nutritious lunches and refreshments each day, make restrooms available, and will provide everything participants need to have a memorable outdoor summer art experience.

“We’ve been hiring Don to paint our album artwork murals since we opened our Queen Anne store, and every time he puts up something new, our customers rave about it,” said Mike Blatt, Owner of Silver Platters. “We’re delighted he chose our location for Mural Camp 2012 and can’t wait to see this historical painting develop over the summer.”

Mural Camp’s 4-day sessions are scheduled throughout July and August. Visit for details and registration.

About Rockwell Art Studios
Seattle’s Don Rockwell has spent over thirty years painting with the very best there is in the business. He has traveled all over the country tackling wall signs, billboards, murals, and stadium tops.

Chic Design Tips

Image result for chic designWith glamour presenting so many connotations, IAnD get you expert opinions from the two ends of the spectrum – glam as in ‘luxe appeal’; and glam as in ‘chic and smart’. Check out what takes your fancy… With Diwali a few weeks away, co-principal architects Priyanka of PS Design and Neha Bhardwaj of Layers Studio for Design and Architecture (LSDA) – both poles apart in their design sensibilities – almost covering the gamut layered in between their style-files, share some stylish tips to help you amp up the glamour quotient of your homes…

• A few fragrant candles and flowers set in an artistic vase can instantly pep up a space. Alternatively, a few floating candles and marigolds in a bowl of water will do the same trick. • Walls looking dull? Use wallpaper to enliven them – in just a few snappy hours! You can also add mirrors to reflect light and positivity! • Try colourful, sequenced, and printed or pop art cushions for an instant lift up. Alternatively upholster your old sofa in a vibrant fabric that stands out as the focal element of your interior. These are easy-to-accomplish ideas and an inexpensive way to add oomph to any space. • Accessories, accessories, accessories! It’s the mantra today to add glamour to rooms. And they are the perennial conversation-starters!! Revamp an old shelf with new and cool accessories. • Changing decorative lights can make a huge difference. Trade a simple chandelier for a bespoke composition. • Jazz up your front elevation with some colour and a mural. • Introduce a water body at the entrance. Many a time, even the traditional urli with a marigold or an earthy birdbath; even a contemporary wide-mouthed container with floating candles can spark intrigue! • Let your creative juices flow. Arrange your daily use objects to form an arty, expressive composition! • Speaking of compositions, adorn a wall with family pictures – accessorize profusely or create a narrative of some sort – this is another way to grab eyeballs and enhance the décor. • Diwali calls for many pooja ceremonies. What better way than to spruce up your mandir by purchasing some strikingly designed ‘Om’ cut-outs?