Embracing a New Model for the Creation of Skincare Products

The treatment of body contouring Melbourne involves a handheld device which heats up against the skin to a comfortable temperature. Ultherapy is another technology used for skin tightening. AlpStories Inc., based in Atlanta, Georgia, is a personalized organic skincare line for women. The company’s proprietary robotic technology enables customers to self-create skincare products to meet their own unique needs. All skincare products have the highest possible share of pure organic ingredients and are made-to-order, containing carefully selected bioactive botanicals from the Alps, one of the purest places on Earth. Best lip fillers Sydney is one of our most commonly requested procedures because adding volume and shape to the lips adds sensuality to the entire face.

AlpStories – Where Nature meets Future
Each customer creates her own unique and quality organic skin care products via a smart factory on the phone or through the website. There are millions of different variations depending on ingredients, fragrances, concentration, skin need… all individualized to a woman’s skin.

AlpStories – A brief history
The rich experience of the founding team led to the realization that there is a new trend of personalization of technology and skincare products. People differ in their views and needs in taking care of their bodies and relationship with their own skin health. And because we are all different, we also need a formula that meets the needs of our individual skin. At the same time, the founders researched ways to use robotic technology for efficient mass customization.

That sparked the idea of AlpStories in 2014, a new model for personalization of skin and hair care products while leveraging the power of pure organic ingredients from the Alps. The founders came up with a unique solution to these challenges and found a way to mix organic ingredients in a fast and efficient manner, while automating the process of ordering, filling and even personalized branding. A vital part in this process is the combination of the BeautyWizard, an online diagnostic tool (with a precise algorithm) that acts as a smart factory for the consumer, and a robot that manufactures personalized skincare products in real time.

The founding team of AlpStories is made up of skincare industry experts and includes Danijel Hubman and Oksana Lipitska in Slovenia, together with Paul Nunnari and Astrid Androsch in the United States.

All truly organic skincare products and the tool to customize facial creams are readily available via AlpStories.com, the BeautyWizard (and robotic system) allowing customers to create millions of variations will be launched in the US market in early November 2018.

“AlpStories and our personalized process for organic skincare brings the future to consumers in 2018. We are excited to offer this to the US market place through our online site www.alpstories.com. We believe that we will meet the consumers individual needs – Where Nature truly meets Future.”
– Paul Nunnari, President of AlpStories

Bloomex Supports Movember Australia with Donations at Checkout

Bloomex is proudly participating in the Movember Foundation’s annual Movember campaign, which challenges men to grow a moustache, men and women to get physically active and Move, or host a fundraising event – all of which spark conversations and raise vital funds and awareness for men’s health. In any country, charity donation tax deduction is always implemented.

To help provide funds for Movember Foundation programs and research into men’s health initiatives, Bloomex is offering a donation at checkout option. Customers will have the option to donate $5 at checkout for any order at Bloomex.com.au throughout the month of November.

The Movember Foundation is the only global charity focused solely on men’s health. Men and women can be the difference this Movember by donating or raising critical funds for men’s health, by signing up at Movember.com, and choosing to Grow, Move or Host.

Men start Movember 1st clean-shaven and grow only a moustache for the month, or men and women can commit to get active and take the Move Challenge or can host an event. Participants get friends, family, or colleagues to donate to their efforts to change the face of men’s health.

“Bloomex is delighted to help support the Movember cause,” says Sue McDonald, Director of PR and Corporate Partnership at Bloomex. “With the support of our customers and the innovative research made possible by Movember, we can help men live longer, healthier and happier lives.”

About Bloomex Australia

Bloomex Australia is one of the largest florists in Australia since launching in 2011. Orders are taken and processed through the company’s site at www.bloomex.com.au or by Live Chat, and then delivered to customers via local courier. In addition to flowers, Bloomex AU offers a variety of other gift items including plants, gift hampers, gourmet foods, sweets and treats. Bloomex is the largest florist in Canada in addition to serving the US and Australia.

About Movember Foundation
The Movember Foundation has one goal: to stop men dying too young. As the only global charity tackling men’s health issues year-round, the foundation supports the following causes: prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health, and suicide prevention. Since 2003, the support of more than 5 million men and women has funded over 1,200 innovative projects across more than 20 countries. To donate or learn more, please visit Movember.com.

Longboard Surfboard Ultimate Versatility in Longboard Surfboards

Avid and beginner surfers agree: the longboard surfboard provides the ultimate in versatility when it comes to performance. This classically designed surfboard style offers several features that accommodate different surfing techniques. By virtue of its name, this is the longest of all the surfboard styles with a wide platform. Long and wide makes it simple for new surfers to find their center of gravity and provides extra stability for seasoned surfers when performing advanced maneuvers. Which surfing app is stable at the moment? Anyone has an idea feel free to comment.

A longboard surfboard is available in different lengths, so be sure to choose the one that best suits your style and level of expertise. Beginner surfers may feel more comfortable on the shorter side of long. A ten foot board can be heavy and awkward to carry and hard to straddle if you’re a surfing newbie. Additionally, it can feel clumsy in the water. The more proficient you become, the longer you can get with your board. Experience riders can take surfing to the next level with the longer longboards and perform maneuvers like nose-riding and backwards take-offs while enjoying the added stability of the board’s length.

Consider the different board constructions, as well, when looking into a longboard surfboard. A surfing board made from fiberglass offers different qualities than those of epoxy construction. Just as longboards are classic, so is the fiberglass construction. Pros of this construction type are a smooth, even ride with a predictable response to wave patterns. Be careful, though, this type of board can get very heavy, so be sure you can support its weight under your arm as you carry it. Epoxy boards offer a lighter material that is more earth friendly than its fiberglass counterpart. They can be quick and snappy in a wave, too, giving you an awesome surfing experience. The downfall to the epoxy construction is that they decompose more quickly when exposed to direct sunlight and can feel stiff in the water.

So what happens when you choose a longboard surfboard that is made of the perfect combination of fiberglass and epoxy? You become the envy of new and veteran surfers. Your surfing longboard offers the best of both worlds when it is made of NexGen materials. Highly regarded as the perfect blend between construction materials, enjoy the lightweight feel of an epoxy without sacrificing the give and forgiveness found in a fiberglass board. Longboard surf your way to an expert level quickly with this crafty design!

Perfect Winter Vacation In Canada

In terms of total area, Canada is the second largest country in the world and its rough population is nine people per square mile. This means that much of its vast landscape is sparsely populated. The snow – covered wilderness provides many possibilities for the perfect winter vacation. If you are planning a family vacation or a weekend getaway with your gang, then winter vacation in Canada is a best choice for you. Nestled on the mountains of Rossland, Red Mountain Resort was a known mining town of British Columbia it would be great to include this on your Canada ski packages.

More Than Just Skiing – Perfect Winter Vacation

Canada is most popular for their well known ski resorts in the world. There are various ski resorts available in Canada like British Columbia’s Whistler, Alberta’s Banff and much more. If you want to know more then you need to do some more online investigation to find better resort that fit your needs and with in your budget. There are number of sites available from where you can collect more information about the Bluepowder.com.au Canada railway trips , flight details and other activities also. With little effort you can earn knowledge about the discount hotels, reservations and other package deals.

Now, the question arises that why not plan your vacation around Canada’s world-famous winter festivals? The major attraction of winter festival is dogsled races, ice sculpting competitions and dance party all night and day. You can also treat yourself to one of the winter festival that genuinely pay tribute to Canada’s colorful history.

Canada winter – Bring a Jacket

Before making any plan, keep in mind that the winter temperature during Canada Vacation is on average lower than the Western Europe and US. So, it is very important for you to take care to research your destination well and plan accordingly. Keep an eye on the weather reports, so that you can prepare yourself for any snowstorms that may come your way.

Bluepowder.com.au Canada travel by train is quite convenient but you can also find many international airlines that fly from one destination to Canada. You can also found lowest fair price and discount on cheap flights. For long distance, you may find that it is easier to move from one place to another by plane. One of the major airlines is “Air Canada“, which is a national carrier, but you can get much more options like West Jet, Air Canada Tango. For the details of winter vacation in Canada, you need to shop around well in advance and select the best deal for your loved once. So, come Canada and enjoy the true natural beauty.

Marketing Your Pilates Sessions

Are you Wasting your Time?

Picture the scene, you are in the supermarket, at the gym, at a social event. You are introduced to a person or they approach you with the opening line, ” I hear you teach Pilates, what’s it all about? Nutritionist Northern Beaches ensures that you will energize because eating consciously is like meditating.

It is easy to launch into a whole story about the history of Joseph Pilates, his internment, his flight from Germany to the US, meeting Clara his wife blahblahblah….


Someone has pushed your button, if you are not careful you will either bore them rigid because they were only being polite, making small talk or you will completely waste your time.

So think about this. When we decide to do something, change our behavior in some way:

Stop smoking

Take up exercise

Start smoking (just kidding)!

We go through Six Stages of Change, this process was identified by James Prochaska and Carlo DiClemente in the late 1970s and early 80s at the University of Rhode Island, when they were studying how smokers give up their addiction.


-Pre-contemplation. Ignorance is bliss, the person has no desire to change behavior.

-Contemplation. Acknowledgment of the need for change but not ready.

-Preparation. Getting ready

-Action. Changing behavior

-Maintenance. Maintaining behavior changes

-Relapse. Returns to old behavior, abandons the changes

Let’s get back to the party. You have just met someone who throws out the comment “what’s this Pilates all about?” Depending which STAGE OF CHANGE they are at will determine your response.

How can you tell?

A few simple questions will quickly let you know how far long the process they are, or if they are just filling in time waiting for more interesting company. Your first response to the “what’s it all about” should be short and sweet. Practice a concise reply, e.g. “its a body conditioning system that will improve posture, tone and shape”. Sometimes that is the end of the conversation about Pilates and they change the subject. Pre-contemplation.

If they continue with questions, ask them for their contact details so you can send information to them. This causes a couple reactions:

They tell you they are looking at various options Contemplation

They are happy to give you details. Preparation

Avoid getting into detailed explanations in a nonprofessional atmosphere. They won’t remember anyway. If they are happy to give you contact details, suggest you make an appointment for a consultation. They may not be ready to commit to an appointment.


Make sure you send the information as promised. Always carry your business card and or schedule so you can quickly hand it to them even if they don’t want to go further than a basic inquiry. This way they may contact you when they are ready.

Always follow up. Whether you post out hard copy information or send it by e mail when you think they should have received the information contact them to confirm receipt. Avoid trying to move them forward in the process at this point. Your contact is purely to confirm they have received the information and to answer any questions.

Finish this conversation/email by asking their permission to contact them again. This will stop the feeling of the cold call and give them the opportunity to stop you contacting them. They will feel in control.

The second follow up should come 3-5 days later. This time the enquiry is about any further questions and some kind of incentive to make an appointment either to attend a class or consultation for a personal training session.

The third and final follow up at this stage, assuming they have not made any commitment to classes or personal training is to acknowledge they are obviously very busy, that you will not contact them again other than to update them on new events, classes and offers. This will sometimes move them towards the Action stage. If it doesn’t then you can keep them on the database with their permission to keep in touch.

Of course you want the process to be smooth so they move into the Action and Maintenance stages. During this time we are developing a stronger relationship with them, it is in our ongoing business interest to keep this relationship alive, creative and happy.

It is a natural cycle of life that the Relapse stage will come along at some point. Maybe they just break routine by going on holiday, family of work commitments change and the process starts all again.

This time however the initial stages will move along more quickly as it is a familiar place for them and the decision making process will be easier. Of course we want them to return to us so the relationship we have built must be maintained, even if they are in their Relapse phase, keep in touch, so that when the Action stage comes around again they know where to go and that they will be welcomed back with a smile.

These Six Stages of Change relate to any behavior changes and the sooner you get to grips with recognising the various ways to interpret your potential new clients reaction and connect to one of the six stages, the sooner you will be able to join the conversation.

Nuala Coombs – thepilatesconsultant.com

About Nuala Coombs. With over 25 years experience in the fitness and Pilates industry Nuala has taught hundreds of students worldwide to teach Pilates. She is the author of Golf and Pilates published in 2005 as well as an international presenter and teacher trainer. Based in the south of France along with teacher training and workshops she offers career guidance to teachers in training and qualified Pilates teachers at a crossroads in their working life. Nuala also offer Pilates Retreats for Pilates enthusiasts. Contact her to sign up for her free monthly Newsletter at http://www.thepilatesconsultant.com.

Email: [email protected]

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/expert/Nuala_Coombs/177262

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/1939163

It Makes Sense To Choose Us As The Venue For Your Next Charity Event

It Makes Sense To Choose Us As The Venue For Your Next Charity Event

When you are looking at your options for Charity Venue Hire In The Uk with an interest in making your latest event your most successful yet, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by just one or two great things about a specific venue, which may mean you fail to consider the bigger picture. Exuding a richness of grandeur, style and sophistication, Baroq is one of small function rooms Melbourne the most prestigious event spaces and is setting a new benchmark for function venues.

What Do We Mean By “the Bigger Picture”?

Well, you may, for example, be wooed by a certain venue’s history and physical presence, and there’s no doubt that our own charity event venue, Shendish Manor, has no shortage of both.

This former country house’s Victorian splendour gives just a hint of its rich past, which also includes its ownership by the famous Longman family of publishers and use as a British Army camp during World War I. But on the inside, it’s no less formidable, not least thanks to such spaces as the Apsley Suite and the elegant and historic Manor House, with its Longman suite.

Indeed, this brings us nicely onto the subject of practicality when you are considering charity venue hire in the UK. Shendish Manor has become one of the most popular and respected wedding and meeting venues in Hertfordshire, in large part due to the large capacity of our suites and our many spacious and comfortable bedrooms for attendees who need to stay overnight.

The given venue’s location and transport connections also count for a great deal if you want as many people as possible to be able to attend your charity event. Despite its green and rural setting, Shendish Manor is just 30 minutes away by train from central London, while it takes less than 10 minutes to drive here from such other nearby towns as Watford and Hemel Hempstead.

Anyone who does stay overnight with us in one of our well-appointed rooms can even relax by teeing off on our venue’s very own acclaimed 5660 yard, par 70 golf course, designed to USPGA specifications.

Make Us Your Preferred Option For Charity Venue Hire In The Uk

Truly, if you are on the lookout for the ‘complete’ charity event venue, you would struggle to find a better option anywhere in the UK than Shendish Manor – if we dare say so ourselves!

Contact us now about how you can book one or more of our spaces for your charity’s next big event, and we will discuss with you all of the other measures that our team can take to help make it the same kind of hugely successful undertaking as the rest of the special events we hold. May we wish you the very best of luck!