Longboard Surfboard Ultimate Versatility in Longboard Surfboards

Avid and beginner surfers agree: the longboard surfboard provides the ultimate in versatility when it comes to performance. This classically designed surfboard style offers several features that accommodate different surfing techniques. By virtue of its name, this is the longest of all the surfboard styles with a wide platform. Long and wide makes it simple for new surfers to find their center of gravity and provides extra stability for seasoned surfers when performing advanced maneuvers. Which surfing app is stable at the moment? Anyone has an idea feel free to comment.

A longboard surfboard is available in different lengths, so be sure to choose the one that best suits your style and level of expertise. Beginner surfers may feel more comfortable on the shorter side of long. A ten foot board can be heavy and awkward to carry and hard to straddle if you’re a surfing newbie. Additionally, it can feel clumsy in the water. The more proficient you become, the longer you can get with your board. Experience riders can take surfing to the next level with the longer longboards and perform maneuvers like nose-riding and backwards take-offs while enjoying the added stability of the board’s length.

Consider the different board constructions, as well, when looking into a longboard surfboard. A surfing board made from fiberglass offers different qualities than those of epoxy construction. Just as longboards are classic, so is the fiberglass construction. Pros of this construction type are a smooth, even ride with a predictable response to wave patterns. Be careful, though, this type of board can get very heavy, so be sure you can support its weight under your arm as you carry it. Epoxy boards offer a lighter material that is more earth friendly than its fiberglass counterpart. They can be quick and snappy in a wave, too, giving you an awesome surfing experience. The downfall to the epoxy construction is that they decompose more quickly when exposed to direct sunlight and can feel stiff in the water.

So what happens when you choose a longboard surfboard that is made of the perfect combination of fiberglass and epoxy? You become the envy of new and veteran surfers. Your surfing longboard offers the best of both worlds when it is made of NexGen materials. Highly regarded as the perfect blend between construction materials, enjoy the lightweight feel of an epoxy without sacrificing the give and forgiveness found in a fiberglass board. Longboard surf your way to an expert level quickly with this crafty design!