Chic Design Tips

Image result for chic designWith glamour presenting so many connotations, IAnD get you expert opinions from the two ends of the spectrum – glam as in ‘luxe appeal’; and glam as in ‘chic and smart’. Check out what takes your fancy… With Diwali a few weeks away, co-principal architects Priyanka of PS Design and Neha Bhardwaj of Layers Studio for Design and Architecture (LSDA) – both poles apart in their design sensibilities – almost covering the gamut layered in between their style-files, share some stylish tips to help you amp up the glamour quotient of your homes…

• A few fragrant candles and flowers set in an artistic vase can instantly pep up a space. Alternatively, a few floating candles and marigolds in a bowl of water will do the same trick. • Walls looking dull? Use wallpaper to enliven them – in just a few snappy hours! You can also add mirrors to reflect light and positivity! • Try colourful, sequenced, and printed or pop art cushions for an instant lift up. Alternatively upholster your old sofa in a vibrant fabric that stands out as the focal element of your interior. These are easy-to-accomplish ideas and an inexpensive way to add oomph to any space. • Accessories, accessories, accessories! It’s the mantra today to add glamour to rooms. And they are the perennial conversation-starters!! Revamp an old shelf with new and cool accessories. • Changing decorative lights can make a huge difference. Trade a simple chandelier for a bespoke composition. • Jazz up your front elevation with some colour and a mural. • Introduce a water body at the entrance. Many a time, even the traditional urli with a marigold or an earthy birdbath; even a contemporary wide-mouthed container with floating candles can spark intrigue! • Let your creative juices flow. Arrange your daily use objects to form an arty, expressive composition! • Speaking of compositions, adorn a wall with family pictures – accessorize profusely or create a narrative of some sort – this is another way to grab eyeballs and enhance the décor. • Diwali calls for many pooja ceremonies. What better way than to spruce up your mandir by purchasing some strikingly designed ‘Om’ cut-outs?

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