How to Create a Nice Piece of Fine Art?

In an attempt to learn how to create masterpieces, many animatics artist Sydney imitate famous masters. “A person who follows others never overtakes them, while a person who don’t know how to work is never able to take advantage of other people’s works”, – these are the words of Michelangelo. Think about it and do not look for recipes of mixing paints and “correct” ways of creating fine art. Here is the secret: you should educate yourself and then try to find your own unique way. These few tips will point you in the right direction.

1. Study the theory.

Learn the basics of painting: composition, perspective, light and shadow, color theory. This will give you a strong foundation for creating your paintings. Actually, without knowing all this you won’t be able to move any further. So take your time and do some reading before getting to work.

2. Never start with details.

In the process of creation, painting moves from general to specific. First, determine the height and width of your composition and try to balance them. That way you will define the borders of your future painting. Then lay in the main colors to set up your basic palette. Thin lines, subtle shades and small accents should be added at later stages.

3. Holistic approach.

Oil painting is never made “piece by piece”, it is created holistically. Develop the ability to harmoniously balance the parts of the image – in proportions, in tones and colors, etc. Do not be too enthusiastic about one object or fragment. The picture is not painted from one corner to another: you should accurately establish all parts of the picture. Your work should look solid at any stage of its creation.

4. Try to paint without stopping.

Oil paint dries long enough, try to turn this drawback into advantage. This characteristic allows you to move wet paint around the canvas creating color gradation. However, if the paint is completely dry, you can dissolve it. Use special or improvised substances (a slice of onion or garlic). You will be able to continue the work without any worry about color fading. This is all about craft, but do not forget about art. Many famous painters create their canvas art in several sessions. There is a concept of “multi-layer painting”: the painting is created in several stages with new ideas occurring at each of them. As a result, the picture remains “open” during the entire painting process.

5. Materials and tools.

Except brushes artists use a variety of materials and techniques: sponges, palette knifes, dusters and even fingers. Incorporating different kinds of them in your work will help you achieve unexpected effects and greatly diversity your artistic manner. You can also try other painting surfaces than regular canvas – this will give new feel and texture to your works.