Throwing Your Company Event the Natural Way

By holding corporate events, organisations usually aim at entertaining or rewarding their staff, launching new products, establishing partnerships, and more. These days everyone is going green. From corporations to individual households, people have realized the importance of protecting our environment, the planet and all animals. Going green has become so important that those industries, corporations and individuals who do not partake in it are frowned upon, some even to the point of being boycotted. For many reasons, including this one, many companies are going green in their offices, in the products they produce and at the events they host. Green company picnics are becoming more common and are not as difficult to pull off as one may expect. It’s all in the details. From the location to your menu to even your décor, going green at your next company picnic can be a snap.

With any corporate event, the best place to begin the process of planning is by choosing your location. Choosing an eco-friendly event venue has never been easier. Whether you are looking for an indoor or outdoor corporate event facility, the range of options that planners have to choose from is much larger than it was even 5 years ago. From hotels to restaurants to private parks, facilities have chosen to go green in ways that are cost-effective and beneficial to Mother Nature. Many facilities have become energy efficient by using natural light and solar power, in turn cutting down on monthly energy bills. Recycling always seems like the most natural and first option that groups take to go green. Recycling plastic, aluminum, paper and cardboard, for many venues has decreased their monthly waste fees while also helping the environment. Finding a venue that recycles waste and also the products they use is key.

While narrowing your search down for a company picnic caterer, look for a catering company that does not serve beverages in aluminum cans, plastic or glass bottles, thus reducing the amount of waste and recyclable products. For the waste that is produced, it is best to find a caterer that recycles or composts it. Also, seek out a caterer who uses organic products from local farms and free-range fare. This forces chefs to purchase seasonally, which ends up being very cost-effective. Using sustainable foods guarantees that the present needs are met without having to compromise the needs of the future. A new green trend at corporate events is the use of edible centerpieces, adding a whole new flare to green designs. By replenishing the edible arrangements throughout the event, corporate event planners and caterers are able to use local cheeses, fruits and vegetables as centerpieces. The easiest way for a caterer to go green is to be styro-foam free, using recycled plastic paper plates, flatware and napkins. The green options are endless for caterers, so seek out a caterer that puts them into practice.

Rentals and décor can easily be green as well. It is natural that rental companies are green. They reuse the tables, chairs, linens, stemware, etc. that they rent, thus eliminating waste. Make it a point to not use new content at your company picnic: bring in trees, fabrics, rentals, etc. that you have used at previous corporate events. You can even use recycled products and compost for crafts or arrangements. Even simple décor, such as balloons come biodegradable. Using resources, such as rental companies, is an easy way to begin going green at your company picnic.

Changing the way you market your corporate event can also help the environment. The greenest way to market your company picnic is completely paper-free. The best paper-free option for marketing is the internet: e-invitations, websites, emails, etc. The internet is limitless and has a huge range of options. If it is necessary that you use printed materials, use recycled paper and soy based ink for your company picnic flyers, promotional materials, posters, etc. These days recycled papers can be made from recycled plastic, recycled bottles and recycled cardboard. Marketing paper-free is always the best and most cost-effective option when it comes to going green.

Going green for households seems like a daunting task, so it is natural to think that putting on a green corporate event would be extremely trying. The reality is, however, that it is easier than you think and may even be the more cost-effective route to take in the long run. It is important to remember that the key to going green is to reuse and recycle. Make this the base of your company picnic, keep this rule in mind while planning your corporate event, and the green details will come naturally.

Jamie Rose Erickson is a graduate of the University of San Diego where she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Interdisciplinary Humanities with an emphasis in Art History. She enjoys creating extraordinary green company picnics and planning unique corporate events for Team Play Events, Inc. in Southern California. Find the unique food to cater for your guests.

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