Here’s What SEO Will Look Like In 2022


As the years go by, SEO has to adapt to new technologies and methods. Fortunately, there are a few changes we can all rest assured will be part of 2022’s SEO landscape. SEO consultants Melbourne will continue to be vigilant this year 2023 about the new trends. Here are just a few:

Zero-click searches

  • Zero-click searches. Google will be able to understand what you want before you even ask. You may have seen this in action with the recently released Google Duplex, which allows you to call restaurants and book reservations without having to speak a single word. This is just one example of how zero-click searches are becoming increasingly common, so that soon we’ll be able to look at something on our phones and automatically know whether it’s available or not.
  • Asking questions with your voice. While some may still be skeptical about this feature, saying things like “show me restaurants in Boston” will become commonplace in 2022 as people start using their voices more often with Google Assistant instead of typing out text search queries into their browsers or apps (even though typing remains popular).

The death of link building – and the rise of link earning

You know what link building is, but do you know what link earning is? The goal of link earning is to earn links that build trust and authority over time. Links are earned by doing things like creating valuable content, offering real value on your website, and participating in the community.

Link earning is a more natural way to build links than traditional SEO techniques like paid directories and links from low-quality websites. The best part? Link earning can be done long-term with little maintenance required!

Voice search will continue to gain popularity

As voice search continues to gain traction, the number of searches that are conducted verbally is expected to increase by about 30% every year. Voice search is more convenient than typing because it can be done hands-free and allows you to multitask while getting your information. People using voice devices are often in the car or otherwise engaged in other activities where they don’t have time to type their queries out on a keyboard. Voice search is also more accurate than typing because humans don’t always spell things correctly when typing them into a computer—we tend to make typos or incorrect guesses at what word we meant when using our fingers on a small keyboard (especially if we’re searching for something complicated like “how many calories are in an avocado?”). Finally, voice searches tend to be much more private than typed ones since there’s no record of them after they’re performed; this means that advertisers won’t know who has searched for what and use that information against their wishes

Google will keep refining its algorithm

In 2022, Google will continue to make changes to their algorithm. Google will also continue to refine their algorithm so that it can better distinguish between high-quality and low-quality content, which should help surface the best information online. In addition, they’ll likely add more factors into their system that will help them figure out what is relevant for any given search query.

Mobile optimization won’t be optional, it’ll be necessary

Mobile optimization won’t be optional, it’ll be necessary.

Mobile optimization has been a priority for years, but it’s only going to get more important in the future. In 2022, mobile-first design will be an absolute must if you want to win any SEO races. You can argue that responsive design is enough (and some people say this), but I don’t think that holds water: Responsive designs are still not optimized for each specific device and page format—they simply shrink the viewport when viewed on small screens. The reality is that unless you have a dedicated mobile site, your site isn’t mobile optimized at all; it’s just shrunken down for smaller screens with no consideration for what happens when users tap links or scroll through lists of products or read articles on their phones.

The cost of PPC will skyrocket

The cost of PPC will skyrocket.

The cost of PPC will be based on the quality of your content, website, and social media presence.

Dedicate yourself to these changes!

If you want to stay ahead of the curve and make sure that you’re still relevant in 2022, it’s time to start thinking about ways to change the way your business operates now.

Don’t just focus on the changes; instead, think about how they will impact your overall business model. Think about what kind of content you can create that will be valuable for people who come across your site through these new search engines. Don’t be afraid to experiment with new things!


Understanding these changes and how they will affect your business is crucial, but so is action. Start preparing now by learning the ins and outs of SEO, social media marketing and mobile optimization. Don’t waste time waiting for a new algorithm to roll out or a new technology to become mainstream – get on board now! Greg gillespie are aware about the new changes in google trends this coming 2023.