How To Install Glass Table Tops Without Cracks


The term “glass table top” is a bit of a misnomer: It’s actually a sheet of tempered glass. But in all the same ways that one might refer to a table being made out of wood, you can refer to the tabletop above as being made out of glass. And it’s not just for show; they’re durable and easy to clean. A quality Sydney glass are good replacement for table tops cracks. If you’re thinking about installing one yourself, here’s what you need to know before getting started:

Clean the table

Now it’s time to clean the table. If you have a lot of dirt, mild soap is your best option for cleaning the surface. If you have grease or oil on it, use a degreaser. And if there’s dust or adhesive from stickers or labels stuck underneath the glass top, use an adhesive remover first so that everything will come off with ease when you’re ready to remove the old top and replace it with a new one.

Place felt dots on the corners and along the edges of the desktop.

  • Place felt dots on the corners and along the edges of the desktop.

Felt dots are available at any hardware store or home center, as well as online. They’re also cheap and easy to install.

  • There are two kinds of felt dots—the kind that you push into place with a thumbtack or other small object like a pen cap, and the kind that has self-adhesive backing. The self-adhesive variety is best because it will hold up longer over time, but either type works if you don’t want to buy any more materials than necessary.

Measure 5 inches from each corner in each direction.

Measure 5 inches from each corner in each direction. Don’t forget to measure from the edge of the glass, not just the top of it. Don’t forget to measure from the edge of your tabletop, and don’t forget to measure from the edge of your felt dots as well. If you’re installing a tempered or laminated tabletop, measure all four corners again just to be sure that no part of your table is sticking up more than 1/8 inch above any other part. This step is important because if there’s any variation in height across the surface when you install a glass top on it, you’ll end up with cracks or scratches much more easily than if everything were even and level.

Center the glass over the table, and make sure it is positioned correctly.

Once you have positioned your glass on the table, take a level and check its alignment. If it is not straight, then you will need to lift up the glass and reposition it so that it is in line with the table top.

Once the glass is being held tightly in place by your clamps, make sure that it is centered over top of your table. Use a level to ensure that both sides are lined up as perfectly as possible before tightening down all clamps completely

Slowly lower it down onto the felt dots.

  • Make sure the glass is centered before moving on to the next step.
  • Once you’re sure that your glass is level, gently lower it down onto the felt dots. You may need someone to help you with this part of installation if your table top is quite large or heavy.

You can learn to install a glass table top without cracking it!

You can learn to install glass table tops without cracking them! It is important to have the right tools and materials, as well as knowing how to do it properly. If you follow these steps, this project will be a breeze.

  • Measure your table top: The first step in installing a glass table top is measuring the surface where it will be placed. To do this, use a tape measure and measure across the top of your table at each corner while making sure that you leave at least five inches between all four corners of your tabletop (this will allow for enough room for movement). Once you have measured all four corners, add an additional three inches for each side so that there is space for expansion when hot food or drinks are set down on top of it; otherwise they could crack or chip off pieces from underneath because there wasn’t enough room between them originally!
  • . Choose which type of glue works best: There are many different types available today including silicone adhesive specifically made for adhering glass together; however some people prefer using epoxy instead since this type tends not only give better results but also lasts longer than other types due either its strength or ability resist heat fluctuations depending on what exactly its intended purpose may be used with (i..e., cooking vs putting hot drinks onto).


This is the most effective way to install a table top without cracking it. Are you ready to try installing your own glass top?