Important Surfing Knowledge

There is a surf contest for a cause in which everyone can join and experience it. There’s no doubt about it. Surfing is one of the most exciting and exhilarating sports on the planet. Any time you’re moving in unison with one of nature’s forces, there’s going to be something thrilling about it. One of the extra bonuses about surfing is that you will also join a family-like setting. There’s a special kind of bond between surfers that doesn’t exist in other sports. While all of this might sound great, there are some things you need to know prior to heading out to catch a few breaks. They won’t only make your time more enjoyable, but these simple tips might also save your life.

The first thing you need to do prior to surfing is assess your swimming ability. For instance, are you a casual swimmer that has only swam in pools and lakes? Or are you someone who has been swimming in the ocean often and is just now taking an interest in surfing? If it’s the latter, then you probably have a decent understanding of the strength of the ocean, as well as currents and riptides. If it’s the former, then you should seriously consider getting used to swimming in the ocean prior to surfing.

If you think you’re ready to begin surfing, make sure your board has a safety leash. This can help in many ways. One of those ways is in case you get stuck in a current and need to swim along the shore to get out of it. Having your board will help avoid fatigue. If you hit a rock or reef below the surface and go unconscious, having the board attached to your body will also help others spot you. This is also a good reason not to swim alone. Having a partner will always increase your odds of survival if something goes wrong. Watch out for the slow killer, which is the sun. Always wear sun block as well as a full body wetsuit if possible. If you’re like most surfers, you’re going to be out there for hours, not minutes. It’s important to be protected.

For more tips and technique advice on surfing, check out your local surfing magazine. If there is no local surfing magazine, you can always find one online.