Outdoor Team Building Activities At The Corporate Location Or Offsite

Our fine corporate picnic Sydney dining experiences let you choose the view and stay all day as you connect with great company and the pure joy of fresh food in Sydney’s beautiful harbourside playground. Warm temperatures mean it is time to get outside, something many of us cannot do during the workday. We sneak out during our lunch breaks only to regret having to return to the office when it is time for the remainder of our shift. Employers often schedule a company barbecue or picnic during the summer time, and including some outdoor team building activities in the event allows us to bond with co-workers while learning valuable lessons.

If management is unable to develop a team building program on its own, team building companies are there to provide assistance. Companies like XPEERience group offer a variety of outdoor team building activities that can be tailored to different locations. Whether the company holds the team building games in its parking lot or a nearby recreational field, the event should be excellent. The idea is to get the group into the fresh air and allow everyone to have fun by participating in activities that enhance communication and collaboration skills.

Outdoor team building activities are designed for people of all skill levels. Some are more strenuous than others so companies should include a combination of events in the itinerary. An outdoor tournament that includes soccer, lacrosse, football, and dodgeball will get the sporting types involved. Drumming events are designed for the more sedentary participants, though everyone should enjoy this process of creation, performance, and rhythmic synchronization.

Fans of television reality shows will love a team building program that mimics Survivor or The Amazing Race. In the Survivor-style game, teams compete against each other in six activities. The team who can endure the challenges and outwit its opponents will emerge victorious. This is easier said than done because surprise challenges await each team in its quest. In The Amazing Race-based outdoor team building activities, teams find clues and complete various physical challenges while navigating through an area to reach the finish line.

When workers really need a break, they may travel to engage in outdoor team building. Toronto is one place they can consider visiting. This city is beautiful during the summer and Polson Pier just happens to be the home of a 200,000 square foot facility designed for team building events.

Attendees will have an excellent view of Toronto and the waterfront and they can play team building games like volleyball, beach soccer, and the amusing human foosball. When it is time to go indoors at night, they do not have to travel far to enjoy a catered meal at the 50,000 square foot inside facility. During their free time, participants can explore everything that Toronto has to offer.

Outdoor team building activities held onsite, nearby, or in a distant location are designed to help a team be more cohesive in the work environment. Groups have loads of fun while they are playing team building games and at the same time, they develop important skills that translate to improved workplace productivity. If a company holds a summer event for staff, including corporate team building activities should prove beneficial. Get in touch with our staff for team building.