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International childcare college has evolved after many years to be a modern business whose focus is to ensure the services provided to students, early childhood services and other training organisations is of an exceptionally high standard. One of the reasons that students take online classes is because it allows them to have a flexible schedule that fits around their job, family, and social life. The problem that many students taking online classes run into is that they fail to schedule the necessary amount of time that is required to successfully complete their online courses. At the last minute, students find themselves searching frantically for the correct answers and doing the minimal amount of work required just to get the assignment in on time.

View and Rearrange the Course Calendar/Syllabus Due Dates

Whether or not you are taking a self-paced online course, or an on online course with deadlines – the very first thing you should do is download the course calendar, syllabus, and/or class schedule. First, I am going to over how to develop a schedule for courses with due dates and deadlines, followed by instructions on how to develop a schedule for a self-paced distance-learning program or class.

If the course has deadlines for each assignment on a separate calendar write or type the due dates in bold red ink.

Next, for the exact same assignments give yourself a new due date 7-10 days prior in bold green ink. This is the due date that you are going to aim for. Even if you cannot submit the assignment yet, save it on your computer or flash drive. In the event of an emergency, say for example you have to work overtime, or your baby has a fever, or relatives visit un-expectantly; you have given yourself a little cushion that will still give you enough time to submit the assignments in on time.

Never Aim to submit your exams and assignments in exactly on the date that they are due. This is recipe for failure in an online learning environment. Assignments usually take longer than expected to complete. If you have problems with your internet or glitches with your computer software you won’t have an adequate amount of time to complete your assignments. Additionally, if you need help from the professor, it may take a few days before he or she is able to get back to you.

If you are taking a self-paced online distance-learning program or course, you need to download or create a one-year calendar. Think about when you would like to graduate. Six months. One Year. Two Years. Look at how many courses you have. If it is a subject that you excel naturally in-give yourself one month to complete each class. If it is a course that you can do well in under most circumstances give yourself a month and a half. If it is a topic that you struggle with, even with tutoring and support give yourself 2 months or more to complete that course.

Map out all of your courses on your calendar. Realistically, look at the data. You may find that you need to adjust the time to which you expect to graduate. On the other hand, you may find that you are able to graduate sooner than expected.

Remember earning a degree online requires you to be extraordinarily disciplined and organized. Plan your work and work your plan.

Developing an academic graduation plan, will give you confidence in your ability to be a self-starter, take initiative, and excellent organizational skills. These are traits that all employers find valuable-and if you plan to own your own business or write a book-without these skills it is nearly impossible to be successful.

Develop a Study Schedule

The universe has order. The sun rises in the East sets in the West-not anywhere it feels like it. Babies, butterflies, and bull-frogs all develop in predictable stages. Online courses give students the illusion of flexibility and freedom-but this is only true to a certain degree. In order to do well in any academic setting-every student should have a study schedule that he or she adheres to religiously. Period. No excuses. You should set aside 10 to 15 hours per week just for school. Dedicated students always, always, always have homework. You can read a head. Write the first draft outline for your paper.

Know what time of the day you learn best

A dedicated study schedule is the key to academic success. When you are scheduling a study schedule, please keep in mind the optimal time to study based on how your brain learns best. Some people need to study in the morning when their brain is fresh from somber. Others study best in the wee hours of the morning when everyone is asleep and the house is quiet. I have figured out that I learn technical data and research oriented type information best in the morning. When I am required to do creative writing and applications of the subject matter, I work best after 2 am in the morning when my muses come out to play.

One of things that I learned about how I study best is that I needed 2 hours to blow off steam before my brain could focus. I have always worked and gone to school at the same time. I realized that after leaving work I needed to unwind first. I needed to take a nap in the library for 1 hour. After I awakened from my nap, I needed time to eat a snack while reading magazines and books unrelated to school. By this time, my peach tea would have cooled off and I would be ready to study.

Always Study Your Most Difficult Subject First

You should always study your most difficult topic first when your brain is fresh. Additionally, it is psychologically rewarding to know that you are working your way towards your easiest subject. One trick I learned about studying difficult topics is to find books for elementary and middle school students that cover that subject. I have never been a big fan of math, so I always looked for rudimentary books for elementary and middle school students. The math books for younger students never failed to explain the same mathematical concepts in a more fun and interesting way that was much easier to understand.

Find Additional Learning Resources

Find credible YouTube videos and TED Talks that explain the subject in a different way. Bookmark additional articles and e-books about your topic. Search for websites and blogs from people who are actually “doing” what you are learning. You will gain insight into the topic that is richer and more meaningful than from someone who is just teaching or writing about the topic.

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